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No hidden fees. No surprise costs. No prolonged negotiations. Tell us where your ship is to be boarded, how many men you want, and how long the voyage is and we will respond with a simple, easily understood fee that will satisfy all parties. Call us today at (321) 289-7052.

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GLOMARSEC personnel are the "cream of the crop"; utilizing training and skills learned from a variety of federal, state and private institutions. We are highly motivated, morally ethical, extremely well trained individuals with combat military skills, law enforcement experience and maritime knowledge.

Welcome to GLOMARSEC

The official website for Global Marine Security, LLC; a leading worldwide maritime security corporation.  We formed Global Marine Security to provide the highest quality of on board vessel security and training to the world merchant marine.  Our unique offering of armed security personnel have not only extensive military experience, but certified U.S. law enforcement knowledge and skills and training in shipboard construction, operations and watch standing.

Global Marine Security personnel are, quite simply, the “cream of the crop”; utilizing training and skills learned from a variety of government and private institutions.  Should you desire mercenaries or “hired guns” for your vessels, please continue searching for another company.  However, if you desire highly motivated, morally ethical, extremely well trained individuals with military skills, law enforcement judgment and maritime knowledge you have come to the right place.  We look forward to serving you with cooperation, quality service and distinction.

Protection from piracy and terrorism is not an easy task.  Please browse our pages to see how we can help you maintain security on board your company’s vessels.  Welcome aboard!

A personal, professional note to ship owners, charterers, P&I Clubs and other interested parties:

I have spent over 40 years going to sea and working in the maritime field in a multitude of capacities.  I have sailed in every position from Ordinary Seaman up to Master on all oceans of the world.  I have worked as a marine surveyor, ship’s pilot, compass adjuster, shipyard representative and expert witness in maritime law trials.  I have worked on and commanded everything from tugboats up to Panamax vessels.  The sea has been good to me and I respect it and all those who work on it.

There are too many maritime security companies advertising their services that have no idea what they are doing and have limited, if any, maritime or security knowledge.  Their web pages abound with pretty photos, different and varied logos and useless, and at times, dangerous information.  I have seen where poorly informed security crews plan to speed up to outrun the pirates, take drastic evasive action, or even assume command over the master.  You and I both know that we can’t “speed up” a 50,000 DWT tanker or turn quicker than a 30-foot pirate boat.  Improperly trained security teams have killed innocent fishermen in the past.  While I have the deepest respect for ex-armed forces personnel (I am one), they are not trained in merchant ship operations or construction, nor maritime defensive tactics.

My security teams are trained to work with the ship’s crew and to follow all orders from the Master.  Anti-Piracy security is a serious business, and I employ only serious, well qualified men who have not only an exemplary military background, but have passed certification for a law enforcement officer as well.  There is no question that armed security teams are effective in preventing piracy. My teams operate in a defensive rather than offensive mode – we are far more interested in arriving safely at the next port than attacking pirates.

Please read through this website and hopefully learn how we can work with you towards a common goal of safe passage.  Give us a call or send an email if there are any questions.  We stand ready to serve you.

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