Global Marine Security – GLOMARSEC


These Professional Standards are to set clear guidelines and a code of conduct for the behavior, appearance, and actions of all employees of Global Marine Security, LLC (GLOMARSEC). GLOMARSEC directs that all employees conduct themselves in an exemplary and professional manner, reflective of the standards set forth by the President. These identified professional standards represent actions, activities, and standards of behavior expected of employees by the President as well as the world-wide maritime industry.



General Professional Responsibilities

Employees will not engage in any conduct which constitutes neglect of duty, conduct unbecoming an officer, insubordination, carelessness, or any other act which is likely to adversely affect the discipline, good order, or reputation of GLOMARSEC, or any of its employees.

Professional Duty Responsibilities

Employees will at all times respond to the lawful orders of a superior officer, as well as calls for assistance from vessel crewmen.

When an employee is assigned to any ship board area, whether it is a post, zone, or task, it will be that employee’s responsibility to remain within the assigned area, unless he/she is granted permission to leave that area by competent authority. If time is of the essence and competent authority to leave the area is not secured, the employee will be responsible for justifying his/her action.

Employees in doubt as to their assignment, or the nature of their duties, will seek such information from their supervisors via chain of command, prior to any action.

Employees not on board the secured vessel must be aware of their limited authority, incidental to fresh pursuit, prisoner transportation, and carrying a concealed weapon. Action taken not on board the secured vessel is considered that of a private citizen.

Authority of Off-Duty Security Personnel

A Security Guard, who is technically off-duty, is always subject to orders from superior officers regarding security matters. Further, he/she is responsible for taking necessary action in any security matter coming to their attention, which requires immediate action.

Substandard Performance

Incompetence: An employee will be determined to be incompetent in his/her job performance when he/she has shown themselves unable to meet reasonable measures of job performance or to maintain established standards of proficiency. Depending upon the circumstances, the President will determine appropriate action, including counseling, retraining, transfer, demotion, or discharge of such employee.

Carelessness: An employee may be determined to have impaired or jeopardized the proper and efficient operation of GLOMARSEC due to his/her carelessness, or neglect of their job performance under this provision: Where he/she acts or fails to act, either in a deliberate or willful manner, which reflects a reckless or wanton disregard for life, safety, or property; or in any manner contrary to acceptable standards of performance; or which results or could have resulted in injury, danger, or damage to another or their property. Furthermore, repeated incidents of minor carelessness or a pattern of errors, neglect, and/or inattentiveness to job performance are of an equally serious nature and will not be tolerated. Each case of carelessness or neglect will be evaluated and considered on its merits and will result in appropriate administrative or disciplinary action up to and including discharge of the employee.


Any employee who deliberately, or passively refuses or fails to immediately obey any lawful order or instruction given by a superior officer or supervisor, or who engages in any disrespectful action or language to any superior officer or supervisor, will be guilty of insubordination, in violation of this regulation. Employees will be subject to disciplinary action at the discretion of the President, GLOMARSEC.

Compliance with Law and Regulations

Employees will observe and obey all flag state laws, local ordinances, rules and regulations of the GLOMARSEC and orders from superior officers. Employees having knowledge of other employees violating laws, ordinances, or rules and regulations of GLOMARSEC, or disobeying lawful orders by superior officers, will report same in writing to the President through official channels.

Conduct Toward Superior and Subordinate Personnel

Employees will treat superior officers, subordinates, and associates with respect. They will be courteous and civil at all times in their relationships with one another. When in the presence of the public, other employees, or other security personnel, employees will refer to one another by rank.

Gossip & Criticism

Employees will not engage in gossip, public criticism, or ridicule of GLOMARSEC, the secured vessel and crew or GLOMARSEC policies and procedures by talking, writing, or expressing in any manner, where such actions or expressions are:

  • Unlawful.
  • Defamatory.
  • Profane.
  • With reckless disregard for truth or falsity.
  • An impairment to the operation or interferes with the efficiency of GLOMARSEC.

Conflicting Orders

Should any order conflict with a previous order, or with any provision of the rules and

regulations, the subordinate to whom the order is given will call attention to such conflict. If the supervisor giving the latter order does not alter or retract said order, then his/her order will stand. The responsibility will be with the supervisor. The subordinate obeying the order will not be held responsible for disobeying any order previously given.

Sexual, Racial, and Religious Harassment

Employees will not engage in any conduct, whether physical or verbal, which may constitute sexual, racial, religious harassment, or age discrimination.

Conduct Toward the Public

Employees will be courteous and professional when dealing with the public. Employees will perform their duties avoiding harsh, violent, profane, or insolent language. Employees will always remain calm regardless of provocation. Upon request, employees will supply their name, identification number, and current work assignment, and when reasonable show their agency issued photo identification in a courteous manner.

Commercial Testimonials

Employees will not permit their names or photographs to be used to endorse any product or service, which is in any way connected with maritime security, without the permission of the President. They will not, without the permission of the President, allow their names or photographs to be used in any commercial testimonial that alludes to their position or employment with GLOMARSEC.

Prohibited Activity while On-Duty

Employees are prohibited from engaging in the following activities while on duty.

  • Gambling
  • Sleeping on Duty: Employees will remain alert while on duty. If unable to do so, he/she will report to their supervisor, who will determine the proper course of action.
  • Loafing or Idling: Employees will not avoid work, their duty assignment, or pass time without working.
  • Personal Activities: Employees will not make or receive personal phone calls, conduct personal business, use personal electronic devices such as hand-held electronic games, DVD or video players, play electronic games, or other activities, which would interfere with scheduled work assignments or regular duty assignments.
  • Engaging in Private Enterprise: Employees will not engage in private enterprise for personal gain while on duty.


All employees are to remain on duty and at their assignments until properly relieved by another employee or until dismissed by a competent authority. This includes meals, bathroom breaks or any other reason.

Absence from Duty

If an employee is absent from duty for a period of one (1) hour or more, without the consent of competent authority, it is to be considered “Absent Without Leave”. The employee’s immediate supervisor will report the absence in writing, via the chain of command to the President.

Physical & Mental Fitness for Duty

Employees will maintain adequate physical and mental condition to allow them to properly perform their duties and comply with current GLOMARSEC standards.

Consumption of Intoxicants

Employees will not consume intoxicants while off duty to the extent that evidence of such consumption is apparent when reporting for duty. Employees will not consume intoxicants while on duty. All GLOMARSEC employees are subject to random, unannounced drug and/or alcohol tests.

Legal Drugs/Medications

The appropriate use of legally prescribed drugs and non-prescription medications is not prohibited. However, the use of any substance that carries a warning label that indicates that mental functioning, motor skills, or judgment may be adversely affected shall be reported to supervisory personnel and medical advice shall be sought, as appropriate, before performing work-related duties. The employee will make said notification to their immediate supervisor in writing, and the document will be forwarded directly to Personnel for inclusion in the employee’s medical file.

Intoxication On and Off Duty

Employees will at no time be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance while on duty. Employees who are off duty will not be intoxicated in public view to the extent it is likely to adversely affect the discipline, good order, or reputation of GLOMARSEC.

Knowledge of Vessel Areas

Employees are expected to obtain and maintain a working knowledge of their assigned areas and zones.

Unauthorized Use of GLOMARSEC Property

Unless authorized by a commanding officer or supervisor, agency equipment will not be used for any purpose other than that which accomplishes the GLOMARSEC mission.