Global Marine Security – GLOMARSEC

Specialist Protective Teams

For vessels requiring armed protection in waters known to have piracy presence, Global Marine Security can provide specialist teams suitable for any particular vessel. These teams will board prior to entering dangerous waters, remain on board for the entire transit, and depart only when the Master and/or Shipping Company deems prudent. There is no time limit as to the length of time that the team will stay on board when needed.

Each team has received cultural immersion education and looks forward to the challenges and benefits of joining the vessel’s crew and integrating with them to perform as a unified front towards any threat assessment.

Typically, the security team will review any existing counter-piracy plan, offer advice and guidance to the Master as to possible route and speed alterations, train with the crew and advise shipboard locations for “hardening” against armed attacks. Our team will present itself fully armed with defensive body armor, advanced optics, and pre-trained in RADAR operations and plotting. We have our own satellite communications with not only our own 24-hour land based operational support and tracking center; but also with UKMTO, MARLO and the Maritime Security Centre-Horn of Africa.

Our teams are well versed in trauma control, firefighting, emergency medical activities and our own Use of Force policy which mirror’s BIMCO’s Guidance on Rules for the Use of Force (RUF) by Privately Contracted Armed Security Personnel (PCASP) in Defense of a Merchant Vessel (GUARDCON & IMO MSC Circular 1405 Rev 1.).

While on board, the team will stand continuous watch utilizing optical and electronic means to determine any threat. The team will integrate and train with the vessel’s crew, so the crew and team will present a unified front towards any threatening situation. The team is well versed in maritime operations and shipping policies, and fully understands and desires that the vessel’s Master is the ultimate authority.

The team will consist of trained men who have passed a rigorous background check, and are continuously drug and alcohol tested. Global Marine Security has a zero tolerance level for any inappropriate behavior. The men will be well versed with our Use of Force Policy, and will adhere to it without exception. Global Marine Security understands the varied international and legal ramifications of deadly force and it will only be used when all other avenues of crisis resolution have been exhausted. That being said, Global Marine Security will never limit its responsibilities in this matter, and will protect the vessel and crew to the best of their military and law enforcement training. Our security teams will act “upon the lawful instructions of the Master” and “always in accordance with the Rules for the Use of Force, relevant national laws and Standard Operating Procedures”.

Finally, at the end of a successful transit or voyage, a written report will be issued to the Master regarding the crew training performed, steps taken to reduce piracy threat and any other information that may be pertinent.


Security Survey and Advice

For shipping and other companies who are unsure of the services they need, Global Marine Security, LLC will perform an on board security audit comprised of a physical survey of the vessel and a review of any previous counter-terrorism or anti-piracy plans. Together with the Master and his selected officers, BMP4 will be introduced and explained. Areas of the vessel that could strengthened or “hardened” will be discussed which allows simpler and safer defense against piracy. Different routing and areas of increased speed, if possible, will be discussed, along with other time-tested methods of defense.

The Security Survey Team (SST), consisting of personnel with a combined documented and certified background in security, military defense operations, law enforcement, and merchant ship knowledge will board your vessel at your convenience. The team will inspect your vessel looking for weaknesses that may be “hardened” against possible attack.

A complete security survey and advice report with photographs will be submitted with recommendations for improvements, and the vessel’s defensive current status.


Trained K-9 Guard Dog Capability

At GLOMARSEC, we continually analyze and adapt our less than lethal options to further our mission of securing and protecting the life of the crew and the property of our clients not only while at sea, but also while in port. We offer highly skilled K-9′s and handlers who are trained to detect and deter any unlawful activity while anchored or made fast at any port facility.

Our K-9′s are first trained in crew protection. The K-9 and handler will protect the vessel’s crew should they either be attacked without warning, or if the crew observes a threat. The handler will command the K-9 to apprehend the threat and hold until secured by the security watch. Our K-9′s can also clear areas or spaces of possible stowaways or other suspects who are hiding aboard the vessel in a fraction of the time necessary for the crew to perform the same task.

K-9′s are trained to hold the suspect until they are secured and cause minimal injury. Research has shown a properly trained guard dog to be safer than many “less than lethal” (Tazers, batons, rubber bullets, etc.) options. The very presence alone of a K-9 trained to bark aggressively during rounds is often enough to deter most criminals.

Depending on level of security requested, GLOMARSEC K-9′s can also be used for locating destructive devices hidden on the ship or inside containers. Other specialty K-9′s can be used to locate Illegal drugs, alcohol or any other items given the proper training.